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Green is not just a color, itís a way of living. You can now do your part in creating a greener world, even when sitting back and relaxing at home. Fuel Cell Residential offers an innovative heat and power system based on fuel cell technology. The compact systems cleanly converts natural gas into electricirical power and hot water that can power and heat your home. The unit also produces hot water for all your typical domestic usage or to heat your spa or swimming pool. For existing homes, it connects to your standard natural gas source. For new construction, the residential fuel cell can easily be integrated in your homeís design. The benefit of fuel cell technology is no longer a dream for your home power and heating needs.

A Residential Fuel can cut your homeís energy bill by as much as 50%. Combine that with government incentive and utility rebates, home owners recoup the costs in as little as 24 months. Please try our Payback Calculator to see how fast you can payback this unit.

The Residential Fuel Cell system is connected to your homes natural gas source. The natural gas is then processed and cleanly converted to energy, providing your home with electric power and hot water. Unlike solar and wind energy which require unsightly additions to your home and property, the Residential Fuel Cell is slightly larger than a refrigerator and is installed right outside of your home. The residential fuel cells footprint is about the same as the average central air unit. The system simply connects to your homes current natural gas source. No major renovation need. If you are constructing a new home, you can easily integrate the residential fuel cell into your current design with little effort.

All of your homes power is produced, on demand, by the residential fuel cell system. However if more power is needed from time to time, for extremely heavy usage, your system will access the power grid. If the system generates more power than need, your utility company will buy it from you. The residential fuel cell is even more reliable than your local utility company, even if your neighborhood loses power, the Residential fuel cell won’t.

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